Studio FIP



Studio FIP

Founded in 2015, StudioFIP is a collaboration based around Edward Lloyd, Alexndr Ivanov, Sara Weissmann and Graham Sinclair, four highly experienced digital artists and their team, bringing unique solutions to the field of architecture, the arts, design and digital marketing.
Over the years we have collaborated with many other talented artists who have helped build our unique artistic style.

Operating out of a studio in Peckham, South London, StudioFIP works with some of Europe's leading architects, developers, artists and designers to provide the highest quality CGI, Animation and Virtual Reality experiences.

Working in collaboration with DreiPunkt - StudioFIP has recently expanded it's offering into the realm of digital scanning and point cloud animation.


Awards & Exhibitions

Royal Academy Summer Show - RA, London, 2017
XPOSIT - Academy of Fine Art, Vienna, 2016. 
Winner - Pfann-Ohmann-Preis, 2015.
Winner - Würdigungspreis, 2015.
Nominated, Start-point Prize, 2015.