Studio FIP

Holiday Home - Scotland


'By lone St. Mary’s...'

Far in the mirror, bright and blue,
Each hill’s huge outline you may view
Shaggy with heath, but lonely bare,
Nor tree, nor bush, nor brake, is there,
Save where, of land, yon slender line
Bears thwart the lake the scatter’d pine.
Yet even this nakedness has power,
And aids the feeling of the hour:
Nor thicket, dell, nor copse you spy,
Where living thing concealed might lie;
Nor point, retiring, hides a dell,
Where swain, or woodman lone, might dwell;
There’s nothing left to fancy’s guess,
You see that all is loneliness:
And silence aids—though the steep hills
Send to the lake a thousand rills;
In summer tide, so soft they weep,
The sound but lulls the ear asleep;
Your horse’s hoof-tread sounds too rude,
So stilly is the solitude.

Harmony can be achieved only through conflict. The concrete is the mountain, no longer in natural form, but in man-made form.
— Eduardo Souto de Moura

Project: Holiday home
Location: Loch Doilean - Scotland
Client: Private
Date: 2017 - Ongoing

The brief was to create a concept design for a two bedroom holiday home for a young Glaswegian family as a place to relax, detached from the stresses of the city. The buildings were to convey seemingly conflicting characteristics — power and modesty, bravado and subtlety, bold authority within the rural setting and a sense of intimacy —at the same time.
The concept design, images and architectural drawings were produced to support a planning application made by the client.